The Painfully Sweet Life of a BDSM Slave

A BDSM slave’s job starts the moment they are woken up. Masters choose, when, where, and how slaves are to be woken. Slaves can be woken through humiliation, pain, or with care, depending on what their masters are feeling. They may be fed immediately after being woken up, or their masters may decide to have them earn the right to eat, all at the discretion of the master. They may choose a certain task the slave would have to complete, and if the slave performed well the task, then they may acquire their reward. These tasks vary significantly, but in most cases include performing sexual and/or pleasuring acts for the master, which can last from mere minutes to stretched hours.

It is very common for masters to punish their slaves if they misbehave. Spanking is one of the most common forms of punishment, in some cases with men spanking men. Slaves may be tied down and bent over. Or made to lie down on their masters’ lap or bed. Slaves may even be attached to several machines, which are capable of suspending them in the air for long periods of time. Their masters can then punish the slaves without interference or resistance, using their hands, paddles, whips, and just about anything they can come up with. As the slave is spanked, the master will usually have them explain why they are being punished, or have the slave beg for more. The severity and longevity of the spanking can increase, and usually leaves the ass sore and sensitive for hours or days.

Another very common form of punishment the slave can encounter as the day progresses is pleasure. This may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s especially effective for breaking any type of resistance from the slave. Slaves can be made to go through what seems like long hours of constant pleasure. This can be caused with the use of vibrators, dildos, nipple clamps, or can even be done by the master himself. After a while, the clitoris can become extremely sensitive, and any more contact and stimulus makes the process unbearable and painful.

All of this goes on in a cycle, where the slave then is allowed to sleep, and is woken up again to start over. It is important to note that the entire process is completely consensual, and the slave is allowed to set certain boundaries. But the job of the master is to push the slave to those boundaries and expand them.