Sex Toys, the true essence of BDSM

Erotically spanking your partner is always arousing. And using sex toys for this specific purpose can increase the pleasure. Though there are tons of sex toys out there for you to grab, some of these are:-

Rubber Flogger Whips:-If your man/woman loves to be spanked, then using whips is the best way to fulfill their urge. These can also be used on the breasts to make her go mad.

Feather Whip Sticks:-

Spanking them hard with a whip stick that too with feathers attached cam be very intimidating. The soft touch of the feathers would be too hard to resist for them.

Leather Spanking Pedals:-Nothing better for spanking that the leather pedals. The hard leather hitting the skin makes them beg for more.

Spanking Cane:-Another sex toy specialized for the spank lovers. These rubber canes feels good on the skin. Canes can also be used for handcuffs and ankle-cuffs for exploring the true BDSM.

Vibrating Dildos:-For exploring BDSM, vibrators or dildos are an essential essence of it. One simply cannot experience true bondage without using dildos on thier partners and making them beg for more.